Sunday, August 27, 2006

Los Dan Faun Stars and Bit Parts on Actorlympics

For those of you eager to see the cast of Los Dan Faun live and in person, come watch Actorlympics!

With Afdlin Shauki, Ida Nerina, Fish, Rashid Salleh and Douglas Lim from Los Dan Faun, along with other comedians and performers not in the movie such as Reza Zainal Abidin, Gavin Ya and Naa Murad, Actorlympics is live comedy imrpov at its Malaysian best! Make sure you come with plenty of ideas and be willing and get involved!

Dates: 6-10 Sept 2006
Tix: 47/42 and 22 for seniors and students on 6/7 sept only
Venue, The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Credit Card Bookings or inquiries only 2094 0400 / 1400

If you're paying cash, best thing is to go direct to the Box Office and purchase them before they sell out! Speaking from experience, tickets which were available the monday before the show disappear by the thursday night run - so get them first before they sell out.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Congratulations Afdlin Shauki!

Reported in Berita Harian today, Afdlin Shauki has been nominated for seven categories in the upcoming MFF19, the most nominations of an individual this year.


For the movies Buli Balik and Baik Punya Cilok:

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Script
Best Original Story
Best Editing
Best Original Song

For Gila Gila Pengantin Popular

Best Supporting Actor

Onwards and upwards!

Ass Prod

hiatus almost over

Hi Everyone!

I see the site is still being visited and I'm posting to let you know that though we have been on a bit of a break, we are gearing up to start the editing process.

Award-winning Cinequip, headed by Abang Din, will be editing Los Dan Faun and at the helm will be Faizul. Both he and Abang Din edited Buli and Buli Balik and we trust them to do a swell job again!

I am a little hazy on the details, but basically they have to take the footage, which has already been transferred from the processed film onto digibeta SP tape along with a keycode. With this keycode, the editors can sort out the good takes form the bad. Using the script and the continuity sheets passed on to them by our lovely Second AD, Shima, they can start sorting out which bits of footage ("takes") make up the first, second, third scenes and so on.

Once they get a rough cut together, fine-tuning with the Director ensues. Then there's the addition of computer graphics and visual effects, music, sound effects and dubbing, credit titles... some really heavy orchestration of various elements which will combine to make a super-successful whole!

So, in an effort to keep you loyal surfers trivially engaged in our ongoing project, I am setting up a tag board for your comments.

Also, for the sake of discussion, do you have any ideas about what the movie tagline should be?

What is a tagline? It'sthe one-liner on the poster for any film. Like "Life is like a box of chocolates" for Forrest Gump. Or I think that's what it was.

So if you have any ideas, drop us a line in the comments pop up!

Ass Prod.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

los dan faun in Myspace

Hello There Peeps!!

Los Dan Faun has its own Myspace now!! Yippie..
So check it out and add it up to your friend list (if you have a myspace account lah, if not create one.. huhu!)

Have a nice day and tata!


Thursday, June 01, 2006

it's (almost) a wrap!

We had one more day of shoot on 29th May for the helicopter shots (oh yes!) but unfortunately could finish the shots before sunset, so we will be continuing with one more day of the heli shoot on Friday 2nd June. The heli pilot was an amazing pilot who got some fantastic shots of the house, a moving car and loads of other delicious visuals you will only see in the movie (why is 2007 so far away?!)

But, since we had limited time to have a wrap party before everyone went off to new projects, and because of the Actorlympics show schedule, we planned for our wrap party on Tuesday 30th May at Rahsia Bistro on Jalan Damai.

We began with a lovely dinner in the gorgeous ambience and setting of the bungalow restaurant in the heart of Damai in the city, then moved on to T-Shirt presentation for all the cast and crew, then ended the night with a karaoke session which had a prize of one handphone, courtesy of Motorola.

Afdlin and Stephen warmed up the crowd with their own songs before the competition started.

In the end, after four of our brave crew took turns singing their hearts out, the judges (Hans Isaac, Stephen Rahman and Douglas Lim) asked to view the state of their handphones for the final judging (yes, our judging criteria are dubious, but hey, it was our night!)

Finally, through talent and sheer determination, Jerry, our hair stylist, took home the phone. Then, as an added and lovely surprise, we were told to look under our seats for dinner vouchers courtesy of Rahsia - thanks, guys, for a lovely evening and delicious dinner!

So, although some of us are still shooting this Friday, it was a wonderful way to cap off the six weeks of production!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

here are some of the piccies tht i should have uploaded ages ago.. sorry for the delay.. the connection went wild for few days at the office.. and before i forgot, thanks a zillion to all of the kodoks who made it to the set last saturday.. you guys rock.. thanks for being such a sport waiting patiently during the hot sunny day and being the coolest extras evahhh!!! ;)

ok piccies..

Kodoks Set Visit
Location: Jalan Tun Sambathan and Tangki Air SYABAS, Cheras

We also got the chance to celebrate Adlin Aman Ramlie's 34th Birthday during the shoot.. and of course, there's a suprise birthday bash for him too.. here are some of the piccies..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

sharing a moment...

One of the best things about production is finding those lovely moments during all the work and the crap and the tedium when everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

We had A.C on the set today and as usual had something to do with the fun factor going up a few notches. Earlier in the day he had a swimming pool scene which I am willing to bet will have audiences rolling in the aisles (and you'll have to watch the movie to see for yourself!)

Our shoot is coming to an end after a rather tough last week. We've had to drop scenes for logistical reasons, some for other, more mystical reasons (like our graveside scene). Our last day will involve a complicated helicopter and stunt sequence. Then, after a bit of a break, it will be on to post-production with the editing and dubbing and after that, further treatment for the final cut.

But don't worry, we will continue to have information and updates, and keep you up to speed about the hows and whys of making Los Dan Faun!

Ass Prod

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

communication breakdown

Well, it was bound to surface and it has - a glitch in the system which has been causing some tension on the set. Although all of us are all too aware of what kind of problems there can be on the set of a film production, we tend to get on with our own work without realising there's trouble brewing. We may even assume someone is taking care of it if we happen to think of a potential problem.

The crux of the problem:communication: the act of speaking, imparting relevant information for the purpose of clarification. Well, there's been lots of speaking and imparting of information, but unfortunately the achievement of clarification was not successful, which resulted in frustration and time wasted.

Still, thanks to the piping up of earnest voices, the problem was highlighted and, though momentarily tense, clarification was achieved! However, since I left the set soon after in the early hours of the morning, I am not sure if it was all put into practise immediately.

But, another late night tonight signals the urgency of having clear lines of communication so that we finish our work efficiently and purposefully.

Thanks to all the crew and cast for all their patience and determination in getting the job done. Five days to go!

Ass Prod

Sunday, May 21, 2006

tanks for stopping by!

All you bloggers out htere who made it to the set on Saturday, I hope you had loads of fun! Anne PRAP will surely be posting photos of the day soon. I'd like to thank you also for your support of our blog, it helps to know people are reading what you're posting!

While we eagerly await Anne's piccies, I shall update some of my own shots of what has happened since the last post.

During the day of Tuan Dir's birthday we shared cake amongst the crew and cast before continuing with the rest of the short day of shoot.

Saturday we filmed a street scene where Los and Dick do a drive by on a busy road.

This is where our bloggers got a chance to be extras in the street and also to be screamed at by O our First AD. Man, has he got lungs!

The traffic situation got a little heavy, but with Frank our Prod Man and Bob our Ass Prod Man, it was quickly under control.

Later that day we filmed the outside of the water tank scene - whose interior was featured a couple of blogs ago. Here is the tank before and after we turned off the daylight!

Tommy, whose photo I finally got, is this chap right here.

And now we see Los and Faun as they emerge from the water tank after soaking for a few hours.

This is a picture of Genny. She's on the left there. She keeps us going when we get low on energy, but boy, does she blow a lot of smoke!

Genny is a film production's mainstay, the necessary generator we need to operate, away from power plugs and with lights, camera, monitors, recorders, computers, printers and batteries to keep on, lit and charged. Though since the petrol price hikes, we've been a little sore at Genny! She takes up to RM500 worth of petrol over a period of a couple of days.

Here, Hans and our guest taxi cabber, Aziz M Osman share a light moment after dinner.

And here, Aziz kickin' it as a cabbie.

Then Sunday was a well-deserved day of rest and today we'll be back at the rich Soffar's house shooting the final scene.

Till next time, Ass Prod.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Tuan Director!

It's 19th May 2006, Friday and it's our beloved Director's birthday!! Yippie... the shoot went all the way till 2:30am last nite.. and right before "O" wrap it up, the crew did an "impromptu" suprise birthday celebration for Mr Afdlin Shauki, with an "instant" cake and cup cakes and a BIG not-suppose-to-be a birthday candle.. and not forgetting a "whispering" birthday song (coz the family in the house tht we're shooting is sleeping at the mo).. here are some of the pics!

eh! eh! apa ni.. eh! eh!

frank and the birthday cake for our DIR..

yum yum the cake..

smiling birthday boy!!

the birthday cakes and check out the candle! :)

birthday boy with his manager, shima (who's also celebrating her 5th year working with Afdlin Shauki)

birthday boy with his prap chic!

birthday boy with aida from wardrobe

birthday boy with amir from wardrobe too..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Invitation for LDF set visit is now CLOSED!


The invitation for the set visit is now CLOSED! Those of you who emailed me before yesterday and were lucky enuff to be among the 50 kodoks should receive an email from me by now. Please check your inbox ya!

Anyways, the shooting of Los Dan Faun is going on well, with minor hiccups, nothing major! The crew of LDF says hi. I will be updating more pictures once I am at the set later.


PRAP chic
(PRAP is Public Relations And Promotions/Publicities, fyi!) :p

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Updates on the Set Visit and few piccies


Regarding the Los Dan Faun Set Visit, I will close the invitation this Wednesday, 17th May 2006. There are still few places left, so if you wanna go, just email me yah. We havent decide on the date of the visit yet but it might be on the 20th(Saturday) or 22nd(Monday) May 2006. Again, its not confirmed yet ok, I need to check with the Director and our 1st AD.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures taken by yours truly during the few days shooting in "Dato Soffa's office".

during the break, the crew is playing a round of footie together-gether.. :)
the casts rehearsing and praticising their next scene..
Din Beramboi and Joey waiting patiently at the set for their scene..
some of the crew: [bottom] jerry-hair stylist, [mid:l-r]amir-wardrobe, aida-wardrobe, anne-prap, awang-pa, sheffa-3rd AD, [top]bob carlos-ass. prod. mgr
amir from wardrobe is giving our 2nd AD, shima a massage..
"O" our 1st AD and Afdlin the Director
l-r: Aida-wardrobe, Afdlin-Director/Dato Soffa. Ida Nerina-Serina and Shada-Makeup Artist
Our still photographer, Abg Man and Faiz the PA
Our Ass Prod, Christina (she's been uploading loads of the crew pictures except for her own.. :) so me do it for her lah!) with Aida