Wednesday, June 07, 2006

los dan faun in Myspace

Hello There Peeps!!

Los Dan Faun has its own Myspace now!! Yippie..
So check it out and add it up to your friend list (if you have a myspace account lah, if not create one.. huhu!)

Have a nice day and tata!


Thursday, June 01, 2006

it's (almost) a wrap!

We had one more day of shoot on 29th May for the helicopter shots (oh yes!) but unfortunately could finish the shots before sunset, so we will be continuing with one more day of the heli shoot on Friday 2nd June. The heli pilot was an amazing pilot who got some fantastic shots of the house, a moving car and loads of other delicious visuals you will only see in the movie (why is 2007 so far away?!)

But, since we had limited time to have a wrap party before everyone went off to new projects, and because of the Actorlympics show schedule, we planned for our wrap party on Tuesday 30th May at Rahsia Bistro on Jalan Damai.

We began with a lovely dinner in the gorgeous ambience and setting of the bungalow restaurant in the heart of Damai in the city, then moved on to T-Shirt presentation for all the cast and crew, then ended the night with a karaoke session which had a prize of one handphone, courtesy of Motorola.

Afdlin and Stephen warmed up the crowd with their own songs before the competition started.

In the end, after four of our brave crew took turns singing their hearts out, the judges (Hans Isaac, Stephen Rahman and Douglas Lim) asked to view the state of their handphones for the final judging (yes, our judging criteria are dubious, but hey, it was our night!)

Finally, through talent and sheer determination, Jerry, our hair stylist, took home the phone. Then, as an added and lovely surprise, we were told to look under our seats for dinner vouchers courtesy of Rahsia - thanks, guys, for a lovely evening and delicious dinner!

So, although some of us are still shooting this Friday, it was a wonderful way to cap off the six weeks of production!