Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all your entries for our last round of the Caption Competition! As a reminder, those who won the last four rounds (as well as our future winner for Round Five) will all be getting merchandise from the film Los Dan Faun. As we are preparing for the upcoming release on December 4th, 2008, our new merchandise is on the way and will soon be going out to all winners!

So here are the shortlisted entries for Round Five. Please vote in the COMMENTS box only, and make sure your vote is clear.

Here is the picture for your reference:

Here are the entries:

From Hakim Bakar

Man : GPS ni kata team Hong Kong tu dah pintas you all. Habisss....
Ida : Hah? Biar betul...I nak call Tania.Lamanya berak. Macam mana kami nak menang Amazing Race Asia ni?


From harihaz zach

gadis : hello! duktur!! laptop saya.. ada cecair pelik menyelubungi!!
jejaka : cik.. saya.. arus elektrik.. ark.. pipi kebas.


From Izzudin

Ida Nerina: Hello Mak Tijah, telah kuselesaikan semuanya. Jangan lupa 'pengerasnya' iaitu kek lapis seperti dijanjikan.
Telefon: Apa lu cakap? Gwa Uncle Wong. Mau pinjam duit ka? Gwa bagi lu special offer. Mau ka?


From Shamyl Othman

Ida: Hah, tulah dia! Kitorang tengah main dengan gam gajah... Habis handphone lekat kat telinga I, laptop melekat kat pipi dia!


From Shah Ziman

Ida : hello!? Tania.. What is the roadblock task again??
Tania over the phone : You have to wake him up before Afdlin see him sleep!


And here is the deadline for all votes:

Sunday 2nd November 2008, midnight.

PLEASE NOTE that as per the competition rules, the final winner will be decided upon by a Vision Works panel. The winner will be selected from the five finalists from all five rounds.

Good luck!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Last chance guys!! Don't forget the rules, and this time the deadline for submission is Sunday, midnight, 19th October 2008.