Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Gone AWOL

Hi competition winners!

Congrats to the winners again. We have sent out emails to all of you but have only heard back from three. Please check your emails, winners!

Then we can get your details and send your merchandise out to you.

December 4th is coming soon - let's cause nationwide spontaneous levitation by all doing the same thing at once! Heh Heh.

See you in the cinemas soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Like the Music? Like the Soundbites?

Get your call me tones! (Celcom subscribers only)

Here is how:

Call Me Tones
To subscribe: Type CMTON and send to 22990
To download: Type CMTcode and send to 22990
EG: CMT 10000 send to 22990

To give Call Me Tones as gift to your friend: Type CMTGiftcodeB number

EG: CMT GIFT 10000 0191234567 and send to 22990

Monthly subscription fee RM 3.00
Each download will cost RM 3.50
Celcom Helpline: 03 3630 8888

Fun Talk
With Fun Talk Dedication, you can now record a 10 second personalized voice message, attach a 30 second song clip and dedicate it to your friends or loved ones right away

To send Fun Talk Dedication:
1. Dial *005
e.g. *005019123456710000
2. Press Call Button
3. Wait for a beep sound and then start recording
4. You have 10 seconds to record your message
5. End call when you’re done recording

Each dedication will cost RM 0.60
Celcom Helpline: 03 3630 8888

Title & Code
Hilang Sabar Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57512
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (verse) Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57513
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (end)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57514
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (bridge 1)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57515
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (bridge 2)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57516
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (chorus)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57517
Hingga Ke Akhirnya (end 2)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57518
LNF theme (end)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57519
LNF theme (poyo)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57520
LNF theme (verse 1)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57521
LNF theme (verse 2)Lost N Found(OST Movie)- Code: 57522

Fisherman's Friend is having a competition in conjuction with the release of this film. For more details, please click on the link to your right.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watch The Making Of Los Dan Faun!

Schedule of Re-Runs of the Making of Los Dan Faun:

Astro RIA, Channel 104

Sunday 16 November 12.30 am and 9.30pm
Thursday 20 November 8pm
Sunday 23 November 7pm
Sunday 30 November 12.30am

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations CURSESHADOW!!!

Curseshadow will be attending the Gala Premier of the movie "Los Dan Faun" !!

All Finalists will receive merchandise as consolation prizes and you will be contacted via email before the end of the week.

Thank you all for your participation and DON'T FORGET TO GO WATCH THE MOVIE IN CINEMAS NEAR YOU ON 4tH DECEMBER 2008!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Final Judging

Hi Readers!

Just a recap on who were our five round winners as voted by you. Please be reminded that this round is a judging round, so we do not require you to vote. However feel free to show your support to your favourite!

Round One Picture and Winning Entry:

Adlin Aman Ramlie as Los : Hey Dick, Dick...cube kau buat mulut serong mcm aku ni ha...*uhmm...uhmmm*
Stephen Rahman-Hughes as Dick:  Hah?? Macam mane? (pronounced "mahchamm-mannerr" in English slang).
                                                    Ini chara?? *eumm...eum...*
Hans Isaac as Faun: Bukan la....macam ni. *Emm...*.

From Kartini Kasmuri

Round Two Picture and Winning Entry:

Los: Alamak! Sudah 6 Julai. Cepatlah cakap! Nak tiket percuma ke tak nak ni?
Perempuan itu: Aku pun tak tahu nak cakap apa. Hmmm... apa ya?
Los: Bantai aje, asalkan kelakar.
Perempuan itu: Kau hensem.

From Cartoon Rama

Round Three Picture and Winning Entry:

FAUN : Laju skit dick.. makcik sanggul tadi kejar kite naik basikal..
DICK :  Ok2.. ko peluk aku kuat2 sebab td aku nampak sign "bonggol di hadapan"

From Curseshadow

Round Four Picture and Winning Entry:

AC- kau bagitau afdlin aku curi benda ni , siap kau.
ERRA - eleh, ingat pakai specs warna oren , aku takut la?

From Syahmi Abd Rahim

Round Five Picture and Winning Entry:

Ida Nerina: Hello Mak Tijah, telah kuselesaikan semuanya. Jangan lupa 'pengerasnya' iaitu kek lapis seperti dijanjikan.
Telefon: Apa lu cakap? Gwa Uncle Wong. Mau pinjam duit ka? Gwa bagi lu special offer. Mau ka?

From Izzudin


Sunday, November 02, 2008


And finally for Round Five we have a winner - Izzudin!

We will have a final judging process to determine which of the five will be attending the Gala Premier for Los Dan Faun. Results will be posted early next week!!

Congrats Izzudin!