Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Congratulations Afdlin Shauki!

Reported in Berita Harian today, Afdlin Shauki has been nominated for seven categories in the upcoming MFF19, the most nominations of an individual this year.


For the movies Buli Balik and Baik Punya Cilok:

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Script
Best Original Story
Best Editing
Best Original Song

For Gila Gila Pengantin Popular

Best Supporting Actor

Onwards and upwards!

Ass Prod

hiatus almost over

Hi Everyone!

I see the site is still being visited and I'm posting to let you know that though we have been on a bit of a break, we are gearing up to start the editing process.

Award-winning Cinequip, headed by Abang Din, will be editing Los Dan Faun and at the helm will be Faizul. Both he and Abang Din edited Buli and Buli Balik and we trust them to do a swell job again!

I am a little hazy on the details, but basically they have to take the footage, which has already been transferred from the processed film onto digibeta SP tape along with a keycode. With this keycode, the editors can sort out the good takes form the bad. Using the script and the continuity sheets passed on to them by our lovely Second AD, Shima, they can start sorting out which bits of footage ("takes") make up the first, second, third scenes and so on.

Once they get a rough cut together, fine-tuning with the Director ensues. Then there's the addition of computer graphics and visual effects, music, sound effects and dubbing, credit titles... some really heavy orchestration of various elements which will combine to make a super-successful whole!

So, in an effort to keep you loyal surfers trivially engaged in our ongoing project, I am setting up a tag board for your comments.

Also, for the sake of discussion, do you have any ideas about what the movie tagline should be?

What is a tagline? It'sthe one-liner on the poster for any film. Like "Life is like a box of chocolates" for Forrest Gump. Or I think that's what it was.

So if you have any ideas, drop us a line in the comments pop up!

Ass Prod.