Sunday, June 22, 2008

Round One Winner

We have a clear winner for the first round of our caption competition - Congratulations Kartini!!

You will receive exclusive Los Dan Faun merchandise - and I will be contacting you via email later this week.

Also you have garnered a spot as one of five finalists who stand a chance to attend the Los Dan Faun Premier!!

Anyone else out there fancy to have that chance too? Then get cracking and send in your captions for Round Two!!

Ass Prod

Monday, June 16, 2008

Round Two

Submissions end midnight on 6th July 2008.

Remember the Rules:

No more than 30 words per entry
You can enter as many times as you like
Your caption submission should be sent to here and should be no longer than 30 words. DO NOT POST YOUR CAPTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BOX, THEY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
The submissions will be narrowed down to five entries, and the final list for that round will be posted for voting.
You the reader, will vote on your favourite caption before the stipulated voting date. Votes will be cast via the comments page. You may only vote once.

Further details:

In the spirit of competition, we trust that all votes will be genuine and that voters will vote justly with their one vote.
We will have FIVE rounds of caption submissions, with a final round-up near the release date of the movie. Semi-finalists' submissions from each of the five rounds will be judged by a Vision Works panel and a Grand Prize winner will be announced.
Round winners will receive exclusive Los Dan Faun merchandise.

The five finalists stand a chance to go to the premier of Los Dan Faun!

Will you be the one?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Voting Time

My sincere apologies for the delay! Here are the top five entries for the caption contest. Please note that voting ends MIDNIGHT on Sunday 22 June 2008.

Please vote by stating your choice in the comments box - any other forms of vote will not be counted! Thanks, and good luck to the contenders!

(In no particular order)

DICK:Do u think i can fight afdlin if i fight like this?
FAUN:kau tipu dia je la Los,, nanti dia tak bagi kita job pulak
LOS:err, sure can sir..


Dick : Yo bro! Kita dah janji nak pakai singlet kan?

"Jangankan jam Tuan Sofar hilang. Baju kamu berdua pun hilang! Pakailah singlet sampai habis kes. Bajet uniform belum dapat. Tuan Sofar belum bayar pendahuluan!" Kata Los pada Dick dan Faun.


Adlin Aman Ramlie as Los : Hey Dick, Dick...cube kau buat mulut serong mcm aku ni ha...*uhmm...uhmmm*
Stephen Rahman-Hughes as Dick:  Hah?? Macam mane? (pronounced "mahchamm-mannerr" in English slang).
                                                    Ini chara?? *eumm...eum...*
Hans Isaac as Faun: Bukan la....macam ni. *Emm...*.


LOS: Hei, Dick, turun sikit tangan kau tu. Bau ketiaklah.
DICK: Hei, aku pakai deadorent kakak aku tau!
FAUN: (Dengan muka selamba) Berjaya! Aku berjaya kentut tanpa dikesan

CARTOON RAMA, who also put together the accompanying image:

Good luck guys!


Friday, June 06, 2008


Submissions for the captions contest for round one have closed!

We have received a few submissions and will be selecting the five semi-finalists' captions this weekend. Next week we will have a voting round that will be open for about a week (more details in next post).

We received a fabulous entry from someone who is not actually eligible to compete, seeing as he features in the movie!!!

However, for your consumption, I will post his entry here:

"What the hell.....I thought I was playing Madonna in this movie...........?"
Entry from Stephen Rahman-Hughes