Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post Run

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your support. Despite the mediocre collections, we received accolades from critics and fans alike! We are still scratching our heads as to why so few people watched, and though the director has various reasons of his own, we cannot be at all sure why a film - which the viewers thought was at the very least entertaining, and at the very best, the director's best work - could do so little to stir the box office economy. especially one that everyone seemed to love so much. We had hoped that excitement, good opinion and word of mouth would help the film like any other film, but it doesn't seem so.

The bad thing is, we don't seem to know what the audience wants anymore. What they say is good doesn't seem to translate financially. So there is no real certainty as to what the audience want, and that bodes ill for the future of our industry.

However, I have a hunch that those who loved it, loved it very much and may even have seen it again, and for that, we are truly appreciative and love you all so much!!

We had a fabulous time on the set and in the lead up to the cinematic release, and wouldn't trade the experience for any other. Please keep an ey on this blog to find out more about upcoming releases to do with the film.

Meantime, have a happy new year, happy chinese new year and ponggal!

Vision Works.

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